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*On Heavy Rotation* Frankie Beverly &Maze with a dash of Mary J.

So, a few minutes ago I had a slight headache. I’m not sure why, the only thing that was on my mind was “Happiness.” It’s been on my mind here lately I suppose because I’m noticing a lot of folk I see (across social media)aren’t really happy.

Every time I think or say the word “happy,” word association takes me to this line from one of my favorite Mary J. Blige songs, “Be Happy,” (on perhaps my second most favorite album,”My Life” to be rivaled only by MJB’s “Share My World”):

“All I really want, is to be happy and to find a love that’s mine, it would be so sweet.”

The first part really captures how I’m sure many of us feel. All we really want is to be happy. Now, happiness is different for different people but we can start with a smile. Put a smile on their face, get them feeling good…then happiness is sure to follow.

*Video Interlude*

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

I’ve found that I’m most happy when those around me are happy. If I’m talking to someone and I can hear the joy and peace in their spirit it really brightens my day. Additionally, anything I can do to put a smile on someone’s face or make them laugh I’m glad to be of assistance.

Usually,  a quick way to putting a smile on my face usually includes a compliment or flattery, watching something funny(such as one of my favorite sitcoms), and eating something delicious after my stomach has been somersaulting all day. But, if none of those things are on hand, there a few songs I can click on to instantly do the trick. Besides the above MJB jam (or a choice gospel song), “Happy Feelings” by Frankie Beverly & Maze gets me there every time! I want to “spread [these happy feelings] all over the world” as Frankie Beverly sings. The song was next in the playlist after Mary’s “Be Happy” finished and now it’s rolling on repeat…I can’t turn it off.

People usually don’t like Mondays, Manic Monday seems to encompass this sentiment accurately. Hopefully, I can help combat that with these two jams. Try singing the “Do-do-doos” at the end of “Happy Feelings” and tell me it doesn’t just make you feel better. Happiness is the theme for today…come get you some!





Dang, Can I Live?! Taking a Breather, Don’t Take It Personal

Do you ever just want to be left alone sometimes? You ever just don’t want to go anywhere or do anything and furthermore, you don’t want to be asked 10,000 questions about it?

That’s me, at times.  Every once in a while I go through a moment of hibernation (oh the joys of living ALONE) where I don’t feel like answering the phone and/or talking to folk. This is usually amplified if I’m in a transitional season in my life and I’m using this quiet time to really focus. The FIRST thing I axe are idle conversations. If I can look at the phone and predict what you’re calling about, I’m not picking up. My prediction of, “you don’t want anything (important) ” is oftentimes correct. I’ll allow texting on some days to ensure that I’m still alive, this way worriers don’t find their way to my doorstep, but past that back up.

Oh, and the 1,376,459 questions drive me nuts, but chief among them is: “how’s the job search going?” If I could get away with cussing out  any and every person who ask me that question and it still be seen as a nice representation of Christ on the earth I would do it in a heartbeat, because that question gets me every time.

I mean EVERY TIME, no matter who it’s coming from, it will raise my blood pressure a few points because if we’re cool enough to where you know that I may be looking for a job then I would have updated you if anything changed. SO YOU DONT HAVE TO KEEP ASKING ME! Usually, if you ask me that just one time, you’re automatically added to the no answer-no response list and that goes for everybody. Even family. I think  the fam has gotten the hint  not to ask me and just go straight to my mom (good move).

I still remember like it was yesterday, back in 2010 (after I had semi recently graduated) I lived in this house where we had gotten a new roommate and EVERYDAY, any time he saw me, he would without fail ask: “how’s the job search going?” Now, am I the only one that sees that as a stupid ass question? If I’m not at work or making preparations to go to work then clearly it’s not going much of anywhere is it? So unless you’re talking to me because you have a job lead NOT a suggestion, but an actual tangible lead please #STFU and Get out of my face! Immediately.

For those that don’t get it let me break it down for you.  I understand that you may be concerned, you genuinely care, and/or you think it’s a natural conversation starter for someone you haven’t heard from in a while, BUT LET ME ASSURE YOU, the absolute last thing they want to discuss is their job search. UNLESS  the person recently got a new job, don’t touch the subject. You can either let them UPDATE you naturally or just assume that, if they didn’t mention anything, it’s because there’s nothing to tell. While I know what the saying is about people who assume, please understand you look like a bigger *bleep* asking a question you can easily figure out the answer too on a topic that people don’t like to discuss…so please just sit back.

*whew* I just had to get that off my chest because unless you are subsidizing my living you don’t need to worry about what I’M Doing…and that’s REAL.

Today I’m actually cool, I just had this revelation, that people really need to have a seat worrying about my goings on. After the interrogations I received, I’m feeling like: ‘well damn, Can I Live?!?’ Didn’t we just discuss on Monday the virtue of minding YOUR own business? I guess I’m just an advocate of conversations having purpose so if we don’t have anything new or interesting to discuss nor do you need me for something, I see absolutely no reason for us to be on the phone.

This song speaks directly to this point of being left alone.

*Peep The Scene* Prayer Group At Starbucks

One of the benefits to changing locations while writing are some of the interesting things I may see while i’m out. Today’s sighting was so beautiful to me I just had to share.


So, I’m in Starbucks just typing away and I notice the following. At the same time as noticing this my iTunes play list is playing “No Greater Love” By Fred Hammond. How Fitting.


Man, what I wouldn’t give to have a little prayer circle like that again(similar to what I had in college with my home church). Shoot, at this stage in the game i’d settle for ONE person to touch and agree with me, in person and not be afraid to bust out praying in the middle of Starbucks. Now this group wasn’t very loud, in fact nobody else even seemed to notice what they were doing, but still.

I hope whatever they were praying for comes to pass, In Jesus name Amen!

Fred Hammond- “No Greater Love”

*On Heavy Rotation* Stevie Wonder

I was on my train home PARTYING, jamming to Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do.” I’m in an old skool soul kind of mood today.

I don’t know why but this song randomly started playing in my head the other day so I downloaded it instantly. Every once in a while I go through these song phases where  all I have a taste to hear is one particular song on repeat. Today, Tag Mr. Wonder you’re it.

I feel like dancing down the aisles…that’s how good I feel. I don’t know  why I just feel like dancing and I wanted to share this joy with you.


Live Performance Circa 2012…and it STILL jams!

Why am I NOT surprised…

If there is one show that genuinely disgusts me, it’d be  TLC’s Toddlers & Tiarasand the derivative spin off “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” I think both shows are the literal definition of child exploitation.

Trying to live through your child, to the point where the kids don’t even want be in pageants but they do it to make you happy? That’s completely unacceptable.

“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is such complete coonery, I’m not even going to link to or waste too much of my good breath on the nonsense. It’s just a whole new level of nonsense. When TV producers get to exploiting people who clearly can probably hardly read, It’s time for me to “cash-out.”

While perusing the news yesterday(Monday, Aug 20) i see a story of a divorce proceeding where Toddlers & Tiaras is at the center. Apparently a father seeks full custody of his daughter because the mother is clearly exploiting the child, as evidenced by her dressing the little girl up as Dolly Parton. The  story/news clip is below, check it out.

Custody at Risk After ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Star Wears Fake Boobs, Butt.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

My thoughts on this situation: Why is this the only father standing up to his child being exploited? It’s sad that it took a divorce for someone — who was most likely a willing participant in the foolishness while married — to finally get some backbone and put a stop to the nonsense.

Maybe somebody can explain to me what’s cute about a 3-year-old putting on fake hair, nails and costumes, parading around on stage in provocative attire. The end goal is to be judged and try to win a trophy, a stupid-fake crown and a few dollars (in some cases). I mean I could see if they’re learning public speaking or doing it for a chance to get a college scholarship (which would make more since in middle school and high school), but outside of that it’s completely pointless. And I’m not one of those hater wannabes either, if you want to get your child into acting, go ahead, there’s good money in that (especially if you get them on Disney channel or something), but holding them all but at gunpoint to highlight their beauty when all of their teeth haven’t even come in yet? That’s bad parenting! #StopIt

I see the bigger picture, it really has nothing to do with the kids  but rather the Moms who are currently fat slobs so they’re trying to live out their modeling and actress dreams through their infants. But please have a seat, you’re not making yourself look good, and it’s stuff like that that gets your child taken away. But hey if they don’t care about losing your children, then I certainly don’t. You do you. Just know that I will NOT be watching.

View From the Top…Philly Flow

This is the view I’m enjoying as I write today, felt the need to share it as it is only temporary. This is the definition of a change of scenery. Sometimes if you want different results you have to move around, and do something different. How is it I always have fun here when I never really do anything of note but chill my big brother? It must be the company I keep. You should give switching up the scenery a try and see how that reinvigorates you.

The photo isn’t that pristine. But it allows you to get the picture. (Sidebar: I’m so over taking pictures on my phone or iPod I’m ready to get back to good quality photos with real cameras. Lets do that. But I digress…)

Where My Girls At? *Epiphany*

I was just reading this interesting article on Madame that was talking about “Girlfriend Guilt” feeling guilty being the only one  out of your friends that you grew up with who is actually accomplishing what you said you were going to do in high school. In a timely manner. Now I moved around a lot as a child, so I didn’t actually grow up in one place and wasn’t making plans with the same set of friends all of my teenage life.But I think about this “girlfriend guilt” it intrigues me because I think I can relate.

There were times when certain things might have been going on with me, that I didn’t feel the need to publicly broadcast to certain people because I was doing “relatively” well and they, in comparison, weren’t so much. Unless they asked SPECIFICALLY what I was doing, where I was or what’s going on with me, I didn’t see the need to be extra so I opted to keep it low key. Carrying on about how great my life is strikes me as boastful. If someone wants to hear a rave review, consult my mother I leave all of that to her, me I just say God is Awesome and keep it moving.   But, I digress.

When I really take a step back and examine where my friends are and their life choices versus where I am I come to this conclusion: WHERE THEY ARE IS EXACTLY WHERE THEY WANT TO BE. When I recall and refer back to old conversations with my friends, we weren’t sitting around making plans to take over the world. We weren’t designating people to be God parents; although we did perhaps note who would be in the wedding and that — for at least 1 and a half of my girls — has come to pass, but outside of that we really didn’t have those discussions.

I was usually somewhere writing, running my mouth on the phone, or in my Radio/TV class or tied to media in some fashion. So, for me to move away(which was ALWAYS the plan), go to college and major in Media only to be pursuing a career in this endeavor now is right on schedule for me. For my girls who are currently married and/or have kids, that’s right on schedule for them. For the married or soon-to-be married specifically, that life is exactly what they always wanted, so because theirs came at 20-24 and mine probably won’t circle around to 26-27, that’s cool. That’s their life. I had this epiphany the other day and this article just brings it to the forefront: I NO LONGER(if I ever did) look at my friends’ life and think to myself “Man, what happened?” because THAT is where they chose to be, so I will do no more than conclude that THAT’s what they want for their lives and they are happy. It’s not my situation to comment on or even think about…that’s on them. I just continue to operate in love and keep it moving. But from having this epiphany that their lives are where they positioned them, it frees me from feeling  any type of way about their situation because I didn’t do anything that they couldn’t have participated in. Maybe not attending the same university I did but the ability to go to A SCHOOL was at their disposal. If you elect not to take a sports scholarship because you didn’t want to move away from home,  that’s your choice isn’t it?

To say, I truly don’t care either way, is a gross understatement. My thought is: If you’re happy I’m ecstatic. All of my friends know this and have heard me say it hundreds of times, literally. That’s ALL I want for anyone I’ve ever crossed paths with is for them to be happy. Just because their lives didn’t go the way I thought it might have been headed, really makes me no difference.

The article in so many words was asking, “where  my girl’s are at?” but for my circle, I know the answer.  They are right there(spread out across the country in their respective homes) still in my phone, and still down to ride (figuratively) if I should ever need anything. I felt the need to highlight my thoughts because somebody needs to just flat-out say it out loud. You do you, and I’ll do me. At the end of the day,(SN:<– I hate this expression) it’s really not MY business what choices you make in YOUR Life and with that no judgement or guilt will be cast on you from me. As long as nobody is in danger or a danger to themselves or others you all right with me.

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