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So, I’m chillin in Barnes& Noble getting some good writing in, and there are three kids running through the aisles like they’re at the park! It appears as though they were playing Tag. I look around feverishly wondering Where in the bloody hell are their parents?!?

They eventually run to another section of the store where you can’t really hear them then a few minutes later the youngest of the three little boys makes the loudest indoor Shriek  I’ve EVER heard, you would have thought he had been shot. It was so bad I almost felt compelled to cuss their parent out for letting them run wild in the store like they don’t have any parts of home training. Take that mess to Wal-Mart where it usually is… THIS is a BOOKSTORE!

Get Your Kids…QUICKLY!

This video, while funny, expresses  my EXACT sentiments to BadAss Kids running around the store.

Get Yo Kids


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