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*On Heavy Rotation* Case

I have been carry on about “Happily Ever After” by Case for a few days now. First, it came on Satellite radio the few weeks ago and I was like, “now why isn’t this song on my iPod?” (SN: No worries, it is now) So then I’m walking through the mall and it comes on and I go to change it but I couldn’t it just sounds so good, I not only have to let the whole thing play I also I have to sing along with the chorus (loudly if need be).

“Couldn’t we be Happily Ever After? We could be strong together for so long…” POETRY

Okay, fine. Then the other day, as i’m just chillin and thinking I randomly recall the perfect marriage proposal line in the first verse of the song: “I will be your man, your protector your best friend, ’til my humble life has ended and time begins again. Couldn’t we be?…”

With that, I think it’s finally time to gone ahead and give this song the heavy rotation designation because its been on my mind to many times for me to not post it and get the chorus stuck in y’alls head too.



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