The REAL thoughts, Musings and Movements of Lauren Michele~One[1]L in REAL TIME. Enjoy the ride!

This turned out to be the recurring theme of the last quarter of 2012 for me as a relocation to DC peppered with a delightful run of VIP attendance at NBA games became the norm of my life in the wonderful month of November.

The second game I attended was during my Thanksgiving in Philadelphia. S/O to the best big brother ever for what was a spectacular birthday gift…I feel like that is probably the most money that’s ever been spent on me in all my life. There was actually too much excitement from October to now to recap but this list of highlights should paint the picture good enough…

  1. Move to Washington, DC
  2. Back living in the same city as one of my Besties
  3. Start new gig
  4. 26th Birthday celebration ALL month long…
  5. President Obama was re-elected…and i’m in the city to witness it
  6. Wizards-Bucks Game November 9, 2012
  7. Sixers-OKC Game November 24 2012
  8. Found my new place…I dub thee “The Palace”
  9. My insurance rate is cut in half
  10. Get all moved in, Me and brother host our parents for Walker Family Christmas
  11. Made a few new friends *wink, wink*

Yeah, things are off to a pretty neat start. Stay tuned.




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