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*Editors Note: This post was originally written on October 17 yet not posted until today

Let me start off by saying, While i’ve always been a fan of Brandy, there have definitely been at least two albums she’s released that I didn’t even waste my time listening to samples of because I was just plumb NOT interested. Just being honest, as far as I was concerned, nothing could be Never Say Never. I mean Afrodisiac was VERY good(in my opinion), but nobody really appreciated it. But that album Human? That first single wasn’t working for me and I wasn’t interested in finding out what else happened on that album.

So fast forward to this week(October 12) Brandy releases her sixth studio effort TwoEleven and I, again, wasn’t going to waste my time. as I was just plain disinterested. I love her as a person but wasn’t checking for the music. I am however glad she isn’t doing reality TV anymore because that was NOT a good look for her. She was depicted in a very unfavorable light (the whole family actually) luckily she realized that so I’m glad we’re all in agreement. But I digress…my point?

I did end up sliding over to iTunes and listening to her album. The top eight songs I wasn’t feeling as they sounded a bit overly auto-tuney…but by about Track 10 I was all in…


My summarized point: BRANDY! Did that thang…This took me back to the feeling I had when Full Moon dropped(the single NOT the album). I’m almost on “Never Say Never” levels,  ALMOST! That album right there was a masterpiece… but with Two Eleven, she’s well on her way and I’m very happy for her. In general.

Go listen for yourself and I bet you’ll love at least one track.


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