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Last Single Gal Standing?

Adj.1. Felt or undergone as if one were taking part in the experience or feelings of another

This is the word of the day or perhaps the season as a few unrelated members of The Council (my inner circle of BEST friends) stated how they were living through me. Not that my life is super fantastic (although it’s pretty great) it’s mostly as a result of my suddenly interesting dating life. Now most of my council members are all damn near married so we would think that I would be trying to live through them.

I’m too tired to go into the whole inner-workings of my recent popularity BUT I can at least say the following:

It almost feels like I’m on a dramedy in a low-key love triangle type thing…except the only L-words folk should be using at this stage should be “LAUREN”…

Also, the situation up here is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than Connecticut. Apparently, the one council member who’s remedy to my tales of tom-foolery was “You just need to move!” was sage advice.

More tales to come…but I find the recent use of this delightful vocabulary word…quite noteworthy.

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