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So the point of my Beyoncé Banging…  mid January post was to allude to the fact that I got to be a “plus one” on an all expense paid trip to New Orleans to watch Beyoncé perform at the SuperBowl XLVII Halftime show!

While yes, this happened more than a month ago, it’s taken until just now for me to actually recount all of the awesomeness that I witnessed and now I am up to post the media from this experience.

The pictures and videos will be doing all of the storytelling here because for me to try to express the grandeur that was this experience, in a sea of words, would be doing everyone a disservice; (that or I don’t feel like trying to find the superfluous vocabulary words and/or I’ve grown tired of telling the story, piece by piece). Either way the conclusion is: It. Was. Amazing.

Check it out…

Dancing W/ the Krewe of CBSSports

Famous Face and Riverfront

Arrival Into New Orleans

Headed off to the Super..Show Headed off to the Super..Show

Outside of Beyonce's Halftime know what it is

Outside of Beyonce’s Halftime Rehearsal…you know what it is

Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 070

Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 099Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 090Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 084

Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 047    Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 092 Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 094



Sponsored by Pepsi...Me and Ladanian Tomlinson

Sponsored by Pepsi…Me and Ladanian Tomlinson

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