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Why Am I NOT surprised: Paula Deen’s A Racist.

Paula Deen Story

So, I’m not going to spend too much time on this because bigots are not really worth my energy. But this bombshell about Paula Deen and her racist jokes and comments is truly a trip. Well it’s a trip to America, i’ll get to why i’m not surprised in a second.

I must admit that at first I took this info with a grain of salt because the story originated on RadarOnline which I hardly count as a viable source after the blatant lie they spread about Casey Anthony appearing on The Jerry Springer Show back in my days as a Jr. Publicist there, summer 2011 (Note: They eventually called us and tried to get it right but the damage of their reliable news judgement was already done for me…but I digress).

Since today’s salacious story came from a deposition that The National Enquirer scooped up, I’ll take it to be true.  So with that I say: I’m NOT surprised by any of this information.

Once the story of her Diabetes came out and her publicist quit because she was hypocritically switching sides (selling fatty food, to now pushing diabetes medication) I was DONE with Paula Deen. #Fraud

Although I was never really a super fan of hers to begin with, the bridge is safely burnt down now. While I did secretly want to go to her restaurant if and when I ever visited Savannah, Georgia as classmates and friends RAVED about  the food, i’m good. I’m not into cooking shows or cooking personalities, so I was never going to have any interaction with Paula Deen or her products; which further makes this information of her “White Only Pies” tendencies as useless to me as the weather forecast in Alaska.

But the real story to me is the reaction on twitter and the comedy that has ensued at the creation of catchy hashtag #PaulasBestDishes.

Shoutout to blogger @Luvvie of for the photo at the top and this brilliant post capturing the hilarity this brilliant hashtag.

Caught Out There seems like an accurate theme:

If The Shoe Fits…

Or I’d like to propose if it doesn’t fit, gone ahead and take that thang off.

See, no matter how good it looks or how much we might want it to work, if the shoe doesn’t fit squeezing your foot into it won’t do anything but make your feet hurt.

This same philosophy holds true for your career, relationships and just life in general. IF something isn’t working out, take a minute to evaluate the issue and if it turns out you are oval shaped peg trying to fit in a rectangle hole, that’s not going to work so let’s move on and find that oval opening that’s just for you.

I think too many times people get caught up in the surrounding circumstances that cause you to stay somewhere you probably you were never supposed to be in the first place.

For example: you’ve been working in a customer service position for the past 3 years, as a result of your time there, the pay has become pretty decent. The issue: you KNOW you can’t stand people. You can barely stand to hear their voices and if ONE MORE PERSON asks you to repeat yourself you’re liable to clock on EVERYBODY. BUT you’re comfortable in your position, the hours aren’t horrible and you figure: “hey, everybody else hates their job, why should I be any different?”

But my question is:  just because everyone around you is unhappy, why do you have to be that way too? I say, if people want to be miserable and stay and swim in their own miserable swamp that’s on them but I will not be a party. The old cliche question holds true, if everybody jumped off a bridge, would you? I think not. JUST DO YOU. Be the trendsetter, do something different and actually be happy in every aspect of your life.

The minute you stop worrying about “what others might say” the happier you’re going to be. Folk are going to “hate” on you regardless, so you might as well be happy while they’re doing it. Find the place that’s right for you, without regard for what others have to say. If the shoe doesn’t fit, take that thang off…because I’m sure there’s a perfect pair just a few paces down that are awaiting your foot like Cinderella’s glass slipper.

Take a Cue from Cheri Dennis

Heavy Rotation * Wale~Fantasia -> BAD~Without Me

fantasia without meHWaleey, “Bad, Without Me” could actually be its own song title (which I sure already is somewhere)…

I haven’t done a heavy rotation in a while, and these two songs happened to creep into my playlist by pure happenstance that I turned on the radio for the first time in weeks.

Wale’s song was so…catchy and thought-provoking I made a whole video about it, with my hair looking real good and crazy (I went swimming two days in a row, don’t judge me) which I never do. Towards the end I mentioned how this song “Bad” featuring Tiara Thomas along with Fantasia’s “Without Me” has been on “heavy rotation” and thus a blog post was born.

Editor’s Note: This video is now deleted.


Few and Far between

I know, I know I’ve been gone for a minute. My blog doesn’t have a steady schedule mostly because I’m more quality over quantity. While I do write everyday everything written doesn’t need to be posted; that coupled with I don’t always feel like posting random musings all the time…But I’m going to do better. It’s been too long.

YouTube TV Guide *Have Y’all Seen These Shows?!*

So I was drafting this email to my friend of the sheer brilliance I’ve been watching on YouTube…then it occurred to me…I should share this with everyone so I literally have copy and pasted my review complete with links and brief thoughts and commentary of the top shows and channels that I stalk YouTube for every week. Much like I do ABC ever Thursday a Scandal is coming on. Or Every Thursday or Friday when The Read Podcast is up!

So enjoy the listing and let me know your thoughts once you get caught up… I’d love to discuss some of these shows with people because thus far I just talk back to my computer screen(since I’m watching alone) or write a brief comment.
WARNING: Watch when you have free time because you will be hooked and want to click and watch EVERY episode posted. This is NOT a drill!

We’ll go by channel:
That Guy
Hello Cupid
Inkspot Entertainment
The Unwritten Rules

Awkward Black Girl


Okay a few notes/background.
TheUnwritten Rules– I just stumbled across the first season yesterday and it’s been up a year. It’s a show about black people’s unwritten rules for the workplace when their the only token up in that mug. The second season it actually about to start in a week so now is a good time to watch it, because you won’t have to wait long to see what happens next.
Issa Rae Productions Channel
Awkward Black Girl I mentioned to you before. IDK if you watched it yet but the Executive Producer and star of this show is now all over the place (Issa Rae) she’s actually about to be on a Talk show that’s airing on Magic Johnson’s  Aspire network(This summer). So everyone should get caught up on what she does. The show is flippin hilarious. and Sheer Brilliance…thus why she’s taking off like a rocket ship right now.
Her other show RoomieLoverFriends, is scandalous which makes the story is so good it’s addicting. I wasn’t sure if you’d like this one since it’s basically about roommates sleeping together so I didn’t include the link but they’re on Issa Rae’s YouTube channel.
RatchetPiece Theater I don’t actually watch. Like I’ve seen a few videos and they were funny but haven’t seen them all. This you will like.
Black And Sexy TV
Black and Sexy TV has a few shows on its channel. The Couple, The Number. I’ve never sat thru these but I hear they’re good so you may want to watch their whole channel the shows I listed above are their more recent productions.
Hello Cupid – This show actually pissed me off in that the whole idea of what they do(you’ll see in the first episode) is SO STUPID I’m mad that it went on this long. It makes me mad but yet I can’t stop watching! So you have to check it out.
That Guy – This show is a trip. Because I promise it doesn’t seem like they’re acting. It’s funny, but it’s also SO REAL.So this is your official “YouTube Series Guide” listing AFTER you’ve clicked on the above links shoot me an email with any questions or thoughts…I’m sure you’ll be hooked.

Allow me to warn you again. Watch these when you have free TV time because you will be hooked and will go thru and watch every episode that’s available!
Let me know your thoughts!

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