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Paula Deen Story

So, I’m not going to spend too much time on this because bigots are not really worth my energy. But this bombshell about Paula Deen and her racist jokes and comments is truly a trip. Well it’s a trip to America, i’ll get to why i’m not surprised in a second.

I must admit that at first I took this info with a grain of salt because the story originated on RadarOnline which I hardly count as a viable source after the blatant lie they spread about Casey Anthony appearing on The Jerry Springer Show back in my days as a Jr. Publicist there, summer 2011 (Note: They eventually called us and tried to get it right but the damage of their reliable news judgement was already done for me…but I digress).

Since today’s salacious story came from a deposition that The National Enquirer scooped up, I’ll take it to be true.  So with that I say: I’m NOT surprised by any of this information.

Once the story of her Diabetes came out and her publicist quit because she was hypocritically switching sides (selling fatty food, to now pushing diabetes medication) I was DONE with Paula Deen. #Fraud

Although I was never really a super fan of hers to begin with, the bridge is safely burnt down now. While I did secretly want to go to her restaurant if and when I ever visited Savannah, Georgia as classmates and friends RAVED about  the food, i’m good. I’m not into cooking shows or cooking personalities, so I was never going to have any interaction with Paula Deen or her products; which further makes this information of her “White Only Pies” tendencies as useless to me as the weather forecast in Alaska.

But the real story to me is the reaction on twitter and the comedy that has ensued at the creation of catchy hashtag #PaulasBestDishes.

Shoutout to blogger @Luvvie of for the photo at the top and this brilliant post capturing the hilarity this brilliant hashtag.

Caught Out There seems like an accurate theme:


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