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let kev explain

My laughter was on the tip of my tongue but didn’t quite make it out of my mouth.

While I was trying to just keep it moving I can’t let this go without voicing what was missing from Kevin Hart’s latest box office effort LET ME EXPLAIN. It was cool, it wasn’t side-splitting but I expected to actually laugh more. What I found was happening was I was saying “Oh, uh uh this fool crazy” or “oh no he didn’t” to myself a lot but I wasn’t ACTUALLY laughing.

One thing that didn’t help was this one part where he was telling this joke that was supposed to be hilarious once he go to the punchline. The problem: he starts laughing uncontrollably before arriving to the punchline. While he did ultimately get it out, the thrill was gone. Him laughing at the joke was actually funnier than the joke itself…to me.

That part and the last joke had me wondering if he actually wrote his jokes/stories this time around because he usually doesn’t laugh super hard at his own joke like he’s never heard it before. Like, that’s like when I’m trying to tell a funny story over the phone and I have to actively calm myself down so that I don’t laugh the punchline out…and I get on MY OWN nerves when I do that…so imagine paying for a ticket to the comedy show and the comedian is laughing his jokes out(like Mike Epps does). You’d be annoyed. That and how short it is, like his set feels as though it abruptly ends, like he was tired of telling jokes so decided to just go home. It was odd. I mean coming off of “LAUGH AT MY PAIN” I expected something on the same level at the very least.

Honestly, the vibe and overall takeaway I got from the movie which I gather would be the same takeaway i’d get from a live show, was that he KNOWS he’s funny now. Not saying he didn’t know before, but it’s almost like he’s more aware of how funny he is which ultimately makes him come across less funny. Some might say: “he’s Hollywood now.” I’m trying to stop short of going that far, because to me he was always famous, he isn’t some new cat on the scene who suddenly got famous and is looking and acting like new money. He’s been doing this for a minute and put in work to get here-which I’m certainly not mad at- so I wouldn’t call it “Hollywood,” because folks who turn “Hollywood” on somebody start acting brand new, this isn’t the case here.

Here, Kevin Hart has clearly arrived, I just wish his stand-up was still waiting on its flight because maybe then I’d have laughed at “LET ME EXPLAIN” as I have all of his other stand up performances.

My point: while I really wanted it to be funny, almost funny is as far as I could get, but as Brandy so plainly points out, “Almost Doesn’t Count.” Perhaps he could explain, what was up with that


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