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*On Heavy Rotation* Toni Braxton

I don’t know if i’m the only one that re-listens to favorite songs now that i’m older, but actually understanding the words gives these throwback favorites a whole new meaning and sound.

Now, back when Toni Braxton’s “You’re Makin’ Me High” came out, I recall liking the video, I recall liking the song, but Toni has that deep voice sound, where you can’t always understand her words. I didn’t need to know what she was saying though I was only about 11 years old, so mumbling them out got the job done just fine. BUT now that i’m older and realize every word that she’s saying. I’ve fallen in love with the song all over again. I realize the lyrics are quite fresh(as in borderline salacious) so it’s a good thing I didn’t actually know what she was saying then. Now that I know I’ve literally been riding around with the song on repeat. One, line in particular, plays in my mind repeatedly:

“I wanna be with you, in spite of what my heart says, I guess I want you so bad…All I want…”

And with that I felt I’d finally put my blog out of its misery and list this on the heavy rotation list, because it is. Oh and discovering that the video features one of my favorites, actress Erica Alexander(Maxine Shaw on Living Single) makes this one EVEN better!


*Morning Playlist* “How Many Ways”- Toni Braxton

Now i’m not sure if this is because my love for the Braxtons has reminded me how much I love Toni Braxton’s music, but  I woke  up with this throwback TB song in my head for some strange reason and since my postings have been running on low fuel I thought I’d share.

I’m feeling really newsy and musical today… So standby fore more.

Also, my mind has been plagued with so many questions with the onslaught of all the foolery lately so that post will also be coming down the pipe soon…I’m eyeing Thursday, but you never know.

Stay Tuned…

*Flashback Friday * Sending My Love

I was scrolling through some of my favorite videos on YouTube and came across this 90s jam by Zhane. It feels like a fitting Friday song so I just had to share this quick hit with you.

“I am Sending…sending My Love to Ya…”


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