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No Thanks, I’m Not Thirsty! *Flashback*

So, this video is 2 years old. But as I was combing through my archives the other day, I found that this video is still very relevant in my life today, and since I have completely scrubbed the existence of my previous blog posts and videos and now I have updated names and sites I felt the need for this to make a comeback.

I provide the background in the video, but this is a recap for a lovely event I was attending in Atlanta, GA. For a delightful website called them out). The event, Singersroom Live, was Poppin! but the onslaught of people trying to buy me drinks this particular evening was a bit much, especially considering I don’t drink( forreal), I felt the need to examine this “let me buy you a drink phenomenon” and this is what i’ve found.

I’m pleased to find that now I don’t have to have a 10min limit on my videos anymore so this is the FULL version of the story.


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