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TV Thoughts…Dear BET, What are yall doing to my show?

The Game Season 5

I love the Game, have the first three seasons on DVD. When it first came out it was very well done(acting-wise) and VERY well-written. At the time there was only one clichéd stereotypical character but yet she was very funny and the writing eventually showed us why she was that way thus making her relatable, real AND funny(Tasha Mack-Played by Wendy Raquel Robinson).

Fast forward to season 5 and something has gone terribly awry. It has been touch and go at best. after what is I believe, the fourth week now here is how I, a loyal fan, is faring.

I watched three-fourths of the season premiere wondering what the hell is going on here? Translation: Why are we here?

Jason getting with a girl named Chardonnay is problem # 1. Why is it when he gets with a black girl, apparently the first one in his life, why does she have to be a “broke” bartender from the hood? Why does her name have to Chardonnay? WHY WHY WHY does it have to be so extra?

I’m trying to ride with y’all but I feel like they’re doing everything they can to shake me loose(as a viewer).

I’ll sneak snacks into the movies in a second and don’t let me go to a restaurant that doesn’t serve ranch dressing(problem). BUT the black people telling Jason not to wave to a table of police officers because someone at the table has warrants and the other member doesn’t want him to “call attention” to themselves?! Really though?

That’s a REAL problem for me. Why would a show– that started out, very black in cast yet never came across as coon-ish (to me), didn’t lack depth and diversity amongst the characters–be resurrected 2 years later only to turn into what I most feared would happen…something else that BET messed up?

See my beef with the show isn’t coming from a place of Hateration, I just know that it can be better because it WAS better. I want y’all (The Game) to win, but not by selling out.

I know enough about an enjoyable viewing experience to know… BET needs to “Get It Together” like 702 in this piece…I would gladly lend a hand…you know if I was invited.

In the meantime, it’s 2:00 a.m. and I’ve got work in the morning.

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