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*Heavy Rotation* Jay Z & Beyonce Part II (On The Run)

b on the run

I am NOT a JayZ fan, and while I don’t hate on Beyonce, I wouldn’t consider myself apart of the BeyHive by a long shot. But they cool. I’m kinda indifferent, about them.

I rarely purchase rap songs/albums, but upon sampling  “Magna Carta Holy Grail” I stumbled upon this track, which jams so hard I can’t get the beat and chorus out of my head. I’ve literally had it on heavy rotation for about 3-5 days now. Part 2(On The Run) is quite literally part 2 of their duet “03 Bonnie and Clyde.” While that song was cool, this is WAAAY better(to me)…by far my favorite song on Jay’s album — I’m not disputing or discussing the entire album or where it ranks because, again, I’m not really a Jay Z connoisseur– but if this was the only good track on the album, I’d be good.

Note: This is NOT the official video, nor did I create this video



SuperBowl XLVII- We Came, We Saw, We Partied!

So the point of my Beyoncé Banging…  mid January post was to allude to the fact that I got to be a “plus one” on an all expense paid trip to New Orleans to watch Beyoncé perform at the SuperBowl XLVII Halftime show!

While yes, this happened more than a month ago, it’s taken until just now for me to actually recount all of the awesomeness that I witnessed and now I am up to post the media from this experience.

The pictures and videos will be doing all of the storytelling here because for me to try to express the grandeur that was this experience, in a sea of words, would be doing everyone a disservice; (that or I don’t feel like trying to find the superfluous vocabulary words and/or I’ve grown tired of telling the story, piece by piece). Either way the conclusion is: It. Was. Amazing.

Check it out…

Dancing W/ the Krewe of CBSSports

Famous Face and Riverfront

Arrival Into New Orleans

Headed off to the Super..Show Headed off to the Super..Show

Outside of Beyonce's Halftime know what it is

Outside of Beyonce’s Halftime Rehearsal…you know what it is

Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 070

Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 099Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 090Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 084

Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 047    Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 092 Iphone adventures Fall-2012- 2013 094



Sponsored by Pepsi...Me and Ladanian Tomlinson

Sponsored by Pepsi…Me and Ladanian Tomlinson

Beyonce Bangin!…Super Bowl Bound!

I’m going to try and keep my composure. I’ll just temper my excitement with the following statements:

I ADORE my baby sis! Not just because her knack for winning contests will soon have us on easy street BUT because she’s a REAL RIDER! Anytime something great happens she looks out for Fam. As would I if I ever won anything of note. But yeah she’s just plumb delightful as evidenced by this super-cute sequence of photos below…

Pepsi Challenge Super-star

Pepsi Challenge Superstar!

All I can think about is how will my hair be done? It is times like these that I wish some of Steve Urkel’s inventions, such as his telepad  machine, were real.

I would teleport my ATL “hair designer” up here so quick. Nobody quite lays it down and chops it up like he does… *Le sigh*

Lastly, I’m about to be “All-Beyonce-Everythang” in a minute…Countdown has been stuck in my head all day. After watching the video I’ve decided this jam soothes my palate much better.

There’s more but i’ll leave it there for now…Stay Tuned

*On Heavy Rotation* Case

I have been carry on about “Happily Ever After” by Case for a few days now. First, it came on Satellite radio the few weeks ago and I was like, “now why isn’t this song on my iPod?” (SN: No worries, it is now) So then I’m walking through the mall and it comes on and I go to change it but I couldn’t it just sounds so good, I not only have to let the whole thing play I also I have to sing along with the chorus (loudly if need be).

“Couldn’t we be Happily Ever After? We could be strong together for so long…” POETRY

Okay, fine. Then the other day, as i’m just chillin and thinking I randomly recall the perfect marriage proposal line in the first verse of the song: “I will be your man, your protector your best friend, ’til my humble life has ended and time begins again. Couldn’t we be?…”

With that, I think it’s finally time to gone ahead and give this song the heavy rotation designation because its been on my mind to many times for me to not post it and get the chorus stuck in y’alls head too.


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