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HonestyBox: I Feel Like Busting Loose!

There is no worse feeling that I can think of, than wanting to go somewhere and/or do something and you can’t.

As the sun is now starting to peak it’s head out indicating dawn(it’s 5:45 a.m.)  and I’ve posted the most posts in one sitting I’ve done on this blog probably since it’s inception (about 2 years). I feel now is a good time to address why I’m really here. In spite of all of the posts I still haven’t scratched the surface as to what’s on my mind. The Old Skool song referenced in the title sums it up right nicely:

I’m “ret-tuh-go” to quote Wanda (Jamie Foxx-In Living Color), I literally feel like Bustin Loose. I’m in an interesting situation because there’s really nothing stopping me and everything stopping me all at once.

I literally just want to get in my car and drive. I want to take off on a spontaneous trip out of town, only I don’t want to come back. I want to pack my car up to capacity, drive off into the sunset and not return[to this place].

If only it were that easy. Just planning the logistics for a great escape is a hassle. Curse this sense of maturity and responsibility. I sometimes feel like I’m in a self-imposed jail cell. This situation is one of those, out of my control mixed together with “you-can’t-always-get-what-you-want” type deals. Stupid life lessons. #BackToReality

Between waiting patiently, being an adult/paying bills and not doing what you want when you want to, one thing is abundantly clear: This here is for the birds!

But fear not, trouble won’t last always. I guess I’m rest assured in the fact that I KNOW I won’t be stuck here(in this place) much longer. In the meantime, writing it off my chest sure helps. For anyone out there that feels remotely the same way I do(I KNOW I’m not the only one), Always remember, ” Count It All Joy….Life will get  BETTER.”



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