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*Let Us Pray* It’s Getting Worst For Ochocinco

I am the biggest NON-Hater in the world. I never actually wish to see bad done to anyone. Even if I forcast something unfavorable, I never really want it to come to pass.

I say that to say this, I remember about maybe 3 months ago, saying that somebody(within his inner circle) should STOP Chad Ochocinco Johnson from marrying Evelyn Lozada (Of “Basketball Wives” fame) because she will, and I quote: “Be the detriment and downfall to his brand/career.” I’ll be a monkey’s uncle IF this statement isn’t coming to pass now! I am actually saddened to see that I was right. Click the link below…

Chad Johnson Released from The Miami Dolphins

Chad Johnson Arrest F_Forg.jpg

This isn’t just an “I KNEW It!” situation. I’m sure anyone that as taken in 1 blinks worth of Evelyn on “Basketball Wives” knows she’s nothing but trouble. She’s a beautiful woman, which further upsets me because she’s too pretty to be so ridiculously foul-mouthed and uncouth, BUT if one had seen any of her “BBW” antics they would not be remotely surprised by this latest news story. I just feel bad for Chad Johnson because he’s clearly been bamboozled.

This is a modern-day, Shakespearean style tragedy if I’ve ever seen one.

I think we need to lift them both up in prayer because in all honestly I don’t believe a word that comes out of Evelyn’s mouth. This whole thing looks like a plot(on her end) to get out of this marriage and take him for everything he’s worth. I REFUSE to believe that this “condom receipt” is her first run-in or suspicion that he might be cheating on her. I’m sure she had clues BEFORE she married him, so to go along with it only to act up their first month of marriage just smells suspect to me.

Now, I can’t stress enough, If it is proven that he physically assaulted her intentionally to shut her up about the cheating allegations, then  of course, throw the bum in jail. But as it stands now, a clear cut he-said-she-said situation, I’m not buying her story. I don’t trust her any farther than I can throw my car.  If a woman is “Gangsta” enough to climb across a table at an event to try to fight a woman because that woman was calling ANOTHER woman a name;  that same “G” could most certainly make up a fairytale about her new husband headbutting her because he was mad at some cheating accusations (that he’s heard before).

I actually remember an episode on “BBW” where they had a discussion about cheating, and while she was mad she told him in so many words that she knows what it is dating an athlete and that she just wanted him to be honest. (TMZ found the clip and mention i’m referring too). She wasn’t acting a fool and he was calm, cool and collected in the situation. So, for that to transform into him assaulting her when the same topic is broached again, doesn’t add up. She has NO CREDIBILITY to me. It’s a shame, because at the mention of a domestic dispute allegation we women are all supposed to be on the same side…BUT women lie too. I’ve personally witnessed a man’s life be ruined because some girl lied on him. It happens more than you think, so I’m not about to rush to judgement in her defense when she could be making the whole thing up!

I sincerely pray they both get help and in the name of Jesus I hope he got a prenuptial agreement. I think as the days go by we’ll see how this whole thing unfolds…

All I know NOW is Somebody’s lying! This song speaks to that.

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