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*You’ve Got to Try This*MMM…Good For REAL!

Anytime I encounter something delicious that causes me to write more than 3 tweets consecutively about it…I need to share with the world…

During my customary trip to the grocery story, I stumbled upon a soup after my own heart. Campbell’s Chunky Chipotle Chicken & Corn Chowder, a chicken soup with a creamy base in the “southwest” flavor group, not much different from the tortilla soup I’ve recently been craving. I looked on the back to see what this soup might include that I couldn’t identify from the picture and it fit the bill for my often simple taste (just give me the chicken, corn and broth I don’t need all of the other garnish).

So here’s how I “jazzed” it up you may want to try this. Knowing full well that these prepared soups and meals rarely ever have enough meat to fully satisfy my hunger I added some Perdue Southwestern flavored precooked Grilled Chicken pieces.  I sprinkled a little bit of my secret weapon, McCormick Garlic salt, and a dash of my favorite Seasoned Salt (Lawrys), upon first pouring the can into the pot,  Stirred well and let it cook. (about a 3 minute prep and maybe 10 min cook time)

By the time I merged the chicken and commenced in eating with a side Tostitos tortilla chip…I had a work of art. I genuinely can’t recall the last time a soup made me this happy. You guys have GOT TO try this.

I’m really not a fan of cooking, not even for myself and I’m most certainly not a chef(celebrity, aspiring or otherwise). So, if this soup has me so amplified I feel compelled to share recipe tips…it must be #TheTruth

Try it out, and maybe the next time I create this dish(which may very well be tonight) I’ll shoot a little video and we can have a little “Cookin’ with L~Michele” moment. We shall see…


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