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*Heavy Rotation* Jay Z & Beyonce Part II (On The Run)

b on the run

I am NOT a JayZ fan, and while I don’t hate on Beyonce, I wouldn’t consider myself apart of the BeyHive by a long shot. But they cool. I’m kinda indifferent, about them.

I rarely purchase rap songs/albums, but upon sampling  “Magna Carta Holy Grail” I stumbled upon this track, which jams so hard I can’t get the beat and chorus out of my head. I’ve literally had it on heavy rotation for about 3-5 days now. Part 2(On The Run) is quite literally part 2 of their duet “03 Bonnie and Clyde.” While that song was cool, this is WAAAY better(to me)…by far my favorite song on Jay’s album — I’m not disputing or discussing the entire album or where it ranks because, again, I’m not really a Jay Z connoisseur– but if this was the only good track on the album, I’d be good.

Note: This is NOT the official video, nor did I create this video


It was ALMOST Funny * Let Me Explain [Movie Review]

let kev explain

My laughter was on the tip of my tongue but didn’t quite make it out of my mouth.

While I was trying to just keep it moving I can’t let this go without voicing what was missing from Kevin Hart’s latest box office effort LET ME EXPLAIN. It was cool, it wasn’t side-splitting but I expected to actually laugh more. What I found was happening was I was saying “Oh, uh uh this fool crazy” or “oh no he didn’t” to myself a lot but I wasn’t ACTUALLY laughing.

One thing that didn’t help was this one part where he was telling this joke that was supposed to be hilarious once he go to the punchline. The problem: he starts laughing uncontrollably before arriving to the punchline. While he did ultimately get it out, the thrill was gone. Him laughing at the joke was actually funnier than the joke itself…to me.

That part and the last joke had me wondering if he actually wrote his jokes/stories this time around because he usually doesn’t laugh super hard at his own joke like he’s never heard it before. Like, that’s like when I’m trying to tell a funny story over the phone and I have to actively calm myself down so that I don’t laugh the punchline out…and I get on MY OWN nerves when I do that…so imagine paying for a ticket to the comedy show and the comedian is laughing his jokes out(like Mike Epps does). You’d be annoyed. That and how short it is, like his set feels as though it abruptly ends, like he was tired of telling jokes so decided to just go home. It was odd. I mean coming off of “LAUGH AT MY PAIN” I expected something on the same level at the very least.

Honestly, the vibe and overall takeaway I got from the movie which I gather would be the same takeaway i’d get from a live show, was that he KNOWS he’s funny now. Not saying he didn’t know before, but it’s almost like he’s more aware of how funny he is which ultimately makes him come across less funny. Some might say: “he’s Hollywood now.” I’m trying to stop short of going that far, because to me he was always famous, he isn’t some new cat on the scene who suddenly got famous and is looking and acting like new money. He’s been doing this for a minute and put in work to get here-which I’m certainly not mad at- so I wouldn’t call it “Hollywood,” because folks who turn “Hollywood” on somebody start acting brand new, this isn’t the case here.

Here, Kevin Hart has clearly arrived, I just wish his stand-up was still waiting on its flight because maybe then I’d have laughed at “LET ME EXPLAIN” as I have all of his other stand up performances.

My point: while I really wanted it to be funny, almost funny is as far as I could get, but as Brandy so plainly points out, “Almost Doesn’t Count.” Perhaps he could explain, what was up with that

Few and Far between

I know, I know I’ve been gone for a minute. My blog doesn’t have a steady schedule mostly because I’m more quality over quantity. While I do write everyday everything written doesn’t need to be posted; that coupled with I don’t always feel like posting random musings all the time…But I’m going to do better. It’s been too long.

“My Boo” or a “Body Party”…Which are you Jammin too?

So Ciara released a song called “Body Party.” Okay, Fine. It wasn’t until I stumbled across the enticing headline by Atlanta blogger Funky Dineva,  which pointed out that this track sampled Ghost Town Dj’s “My Boo,” that I finally felt compelled to listen.

Why I’m gathering us here today to discuss it? I truly can’t decide how I feel about it.

The beat is a banger;  done by my current flavor-of-the-month MikeWillMadeIt (Bandz A Make Her Dance). BUT anytime I hear this baseline or melody to “My Boo” I ONLY want to hear: “At night I think of you, I want to be your lady baby!” being sung along to it.

It’s funny because one of the comments on Funky Dineva stated how they liked it, it had an old 90s R&B feel to it. I’m over here like: “well duh! They sampled a 90s song? What else could it feel like?!”  But I digress..

Clearly, I am truly biased and deadlocked when it comes to deciding if i’m rocking w/ CiCi’s “Body Party” or not so I need a second opinion.

What say you?


Ghost Town Dj’s

*Flashback Friday * Sending My Love

I was scrolling through some of my favorite videos on YouTube and came across this 90s jam by Zhane. It feels like a fitting Friday song so I just had to share this quick hit with you.

“I am Sending…sending My Love to Ya…”


*On Heavy Rotation* Frankie Beverly &Maze with a dash of Mary J.

So, a few minutes ago I had a slight headache. I’m not sure why, the only thing that was on my mind was “Happiness.” It’s been on my mind here lately I suppose because I’m noticing a lot of folk I see (across social media)aren’t really happy.

Every time I think or say the word “happy,” word association takes me to this line from one of my favorite Mary J. Blige songs, “Be Happy,” (on perhaps my second most favorite album,”My Life” to be rivaled only by MJB’s “Share My World”):

“All I really want, is to be happy and to find a love that’s mine, it would be so sweet.”

The first part really captures how I’m sure many of us feel. All we really want is to be happy. Now, happiness is different for different people but we can start with a smile. Put a smile on their face, get them feeling good…then happiness is sure to follow.

*Video Interlude*

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

I’ve found that I’m most happy when those around me are happy. If I’m talking to someone and I can hear the joy and peace in their spirit it really brightens my day. Additionally, anything I can do to put a smile on someone’s face or make them laugh I’m glad to be of assistance.

Usually,  a quick way to putting a smile on my face usually includes a compliment or flattery, watching something funny(such as one of my favorite sitcoms), and eating something delicious after my stomach has been somersaulting all day. But, if none of those things are on hand, there a few songs I can click on to instantly do the trick. Besides the above MJB jam (or a choice gospel song), “Happy Feelings” by Frankie Beverly & Maze gets me there every time! I want to “spread [these happy feelings] all over the world” as Frankie Beverly sings. The song was next in the playlist after Mary’s “Be Happy” finished and now it’s rolling on repeat…I can’t turn it off.

People usually don’t like Mondays, Manic Monday seems to encompass this sentiment accurately. Hopefully, I can help combat that with these two jams. Try singing the “Do-do-doos” at the end of “Happy Feelings” and tell me it doesn’t just make you feel better. Happiness is the theme for today…come get you some!




*On Heavy Rotation* Stevie Wonder

I was on my train home PARTYING, jamming to Stevie Wonder’s “All I Do.” I’m in an old skool soul kind of mood today.

I don’t know why but this song randomly started playing in my head the other day so I downloaded it instantly. Every once in a while I go through these song phases where  all I have a taste to hear is one particular song on repeat. Today, Tag Mr. Wonder you’re it.

I feel like dancing down the aisles…that’s how good I feel. I don’t know  why I just feel like dancing and I wanted to share this joy with you.


Live Performance Circa 2012…and it STILL jams!

Why am I NOT surprised…

If there is one show that genuinely disgusts me, it’d be  TLC’s Toddlers & Tiarasand the derivative spin off “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” I think both shows are the literal definition of child exploitation.

Trying to live through your child, to the point where the kids don’t even want be in pageants but they do it to make you happy? That’s completely unacceptable.

“Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is such complete coonery, I’m not even going to link to or waste too much of my good breath on the nonsense. It’s just a whole new level of nonsense. When TV producers get to exploiting people who clearly can probably hardly read, It’s time for me to “cash-out.”

While perusing the news yesterday(Monday, Aug 20) i see a story of a divorce proceeding where Toddlers & Tiaras is at the center. Apparently a father seeks full custody of his daughter because the mother is clearly exploiting the child, as evidenced by her dressing the little girl up as Dolly Parton. The  story/news clip is below, check it out.

Custody at Risk After ‘Toddlers & Tiaras’ Star Wears Fake Boobs, Butt.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

My thoughts on this situation: Why is this the only father standing up to his child being exploited? It’s sad that it took a divorce for someone — who was most likely a willing participant in the foolishness while married — to finally get some backbone and put a stop to the nonsense.

Maybe somebody can explain to me what’s cute about a 3-year-old putting on fake hair, nails and costumes, parading around on stage in provocative attire. The end goal is to be judged and try to win a trophy, a stupid-fake crown and a few dollars (in some cases). I mean I could see if they’re learning public speaking or doing it for a chance to get a college scholarship (which would make more since in middle school and high school), but outside of that it’s completely pointless. And I’m not one of those hater wannabes either, if you want to get your child into acting, go ahead, there’s good money in that (especially if you get them on Disney channel or something), but holding them all but at gunpoint to highlight their beauty when all of their teeth haven’t even come in yet? That’s bad parenting! #StopIt

I see the bigger picture, it really has nothing to do with the kids  but rather the Moms who are currently fat slobs so they’re trying to live out their modeling and actress dreams through their infants. But please have a seat, you’re not making yourself look good, and it’s stuff like that that gets your child taken away. But hey if they don’t care about losing your children, then I certainly don’t. You do you. Just know that I will NOT be watching.

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