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The Saga Continues…ESPN’s First Take on Chad Johnson


This story is one of those dog bones one just can’t turn loose. One thing I appreciate about what I’ve been reading online about this incident, is that a lot of people are expressing my EXACT sentiments from this post. The fact that people aren’t just Super quick to jump on Evelyn’s bandwagon because it’s CLEAR her credibility, when it comes to violence is shaky because of her actions from “Basketball Wives” is mildly re-assuring.

I appreciate the agreement that much more when my thoughts are matched by a wise person on a national television program. Enter ESPN’s First Take great debaters Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith. Now, Skip Bayless was more upset with how Miami cut Johnson and I’m inclined to agree. Watching him be cut last night on “Hard Knocks” was so painful. I literally felt like I was witnessing someone’s last plea before being executed.

Stephen A. however points stated exactly what needed to be said regarding “who [Johnson] married.”  His way of articulating  it was a lot more professional and less accusatory than my “That woman is a LIAR” tone, BUT we stated the same facts none the less.

I love to highlight when GREAT minds think alike.  Watch the clip  below…

Big Disappointment

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