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Dang, Can I Live?! Taking a Breather, Don’t Take It Personal

Do you ever just want to be left alone sometimes? You ever just don’t want to go anywhere or do anything and furthermore, you don’t want to be asked 10,000 questions about it?

That’s me, at times.  Every once in a while I go through a moment of hibernation (oh the joys of living ALONE) where I don’t feel like answering the phone and/or talking to folk. This is usually amplified if I’m in a transitional season in my life and I’m using this quiet time to really focus. The FIRST thing I axe are idle conversations. If I can look at the phone and predict what you’re calling about, I’m not picking up. My prediction of, “you don’t want anything (important) ” is oftentimes correct. I’ll allow texting on some days to ensure that I’m still alive, this way worriers don’t find their way to my doorstep, but past that back up.

Oh, and the 1,376,459 questions drive me nuts, but chief among them is: “how’s the job search going?” If I could get away with cussing out  any and every person who ask me that question and it still be seen as a nice representation of Christ on the earth I would do it in a heartbeat, because that question gets me every time.

I mean EVERY TIME, no matter who it’s coming from, it will raise my blood pressure a few points because if we’re cool enough to where you know that I may be looking for a job then I would have updated you if anything changed. SO YOU DONT HAVE TO KEEP ASKING ME! Usually, if you ask me that just one time, you’re automatically added to the no answer-no response list and that goes for everybody. Even family. I think  the fam has gotten the hint  not to ask me and just go straight to my mom (good move).

I still remember like it was yesterday, back in 2010 (after I had semi recently graduated) I lived in this house where we had gotten a new roommate and EVERYDAY, any time he saw me, he would without fail ask: “how’s the job search going?” Now, am I the only one that sees that as a stupid ass question? If I’m not at work or making preparations to go to work then clearly it’s not going much of anywhere is it? So unless you’re talking to me because you have a job lead NOT a suggestion, but an actual tangible lead please #STFU and Get out of my face! Immediately.

For those that don’t get it let me break it down for you.  I understand that you may be concerned, you genuinely care, and/or you think it’s a natural conversation starter for someone you haven’t heard from in a while, BUT LET ME ASSURE YOU, the absolute last thing they want to discuss is their job search. UNLESS  the person recently got a new job, don’t touch the subject. You can either let them UPDATE you naturally or just assume that, if they didn’t mention anything, it’s because there’s nothing to tell. While I know what the saying is about people who assume, please understand you look like a bigger *bleep* asking a question you can easily figure out the answer too on a topic that people don’t like to discuss…so please just sit back.

*whew* I just had to get that off my chest because unless you are subsidizing my living you don’t need to worry about what I’M Doing…and that’s REAL.

Today I’m actually cool, I just had this revelation, that people really need to have a seat worrying about my goings on. After the interrogations I received, I’m feeling like: ‘well damn, Can I Live?!?’ Didn’t we just discuss on Monday the virtue of minding YOUR own business? I guess I’m just an advocate of conversations having purpose so if we don’t have anything new or interesting to discuss nor do you need me for something, I see absolutely no reason for us to be on the phone.

This song speaks directly to this point of being left alone.

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