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New York, New York *Why So Segregated*

This place is funny. You have Brooklyn Vs. Manhattan; Jets Fans vs. Giants Fans; METS fans vs. Yankees fans. It’s not good enough if you just like any team in the metro area, you have to be for one or the other.

Why so segregated?

I recently came across 2 things that lead me to highlight the self – separation in the city…

1) the preview for the new show on Bravo, Gallery Girls

2)A tweet from ESPN producer

I’ll start with the tweet first because it wasn’t as divisive. The talent producer was just pointing out how he was chatting with the NY Giants PR people(while visiting their training camp) and they(the publicists) remarked how “surprisingly quiet” their training camp has been considering they are the Super Bowl Champs.

Now my immediate thought was, that IS bizarre, but the reasoning is clear to deduce.  Their camp is quiet because all the media is upstate at the Jets training camp, wrapped up in “Tebow mania.”

Now, I am in love with Tim Tebow so I’m certainly not hating on him (and the Jets–my team, lowkey) getting all the attention.
But this one is easy.  While, yes, the Giants won…there’s no story there(at their camp). I mean I’m sure there is literally a story to be had, it’s not as interesting(in a paper selling, viewer garnering way) as the “drama” brewing over at the Jets, such as this starting quarterback  situation (among other things). Sprinkle in there a  few fights(so many that they we’re running sprints to put a stop to it) and we have ourselves a down-home soap opera/reality show mix…like a makeshift “Hard Knocks” if you will. If the Giants turn it up like that, the media will be stalking them too.

The “Gallery Girls promo(and subsequent premiere on Monday), is far worse but I’ll  get right to it. The show is painted as a Brooklyn art girls vs. Manhattan art girls scene. When I saw the promo I almost threw up in my mouth from the disgust  caused by the pettiness. I wondered aloud, are ‘y’all serious right now with this?’ I remember reports of self-segregation amongst school aged African American children but amongst high-society artists? Please sit down!

I really don’t understand why there is so much separation amongst one city. It’s probably because they have too many choices.  Two football and baseball teams to choose from, a few islands and Burroughs to live on, three airports to choose from and two different states to commute from and so on. It’s ridiculously crowded in New York when you really look at it. Y’all tout yourselves as the best city in the world but yet the residents act like spoiled brats, #GetOverYourselves. The rest of the country finds you ALL (for the most part) to be the same, so there is no use in trying to appear as though you’re “so different” It’s not working. So, #PleaseComeAgain

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