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Relaxed IS My Natural

A house divided…well, not really. That’s me on the left!

I have seen so many discussions on African-American Women websites, magazines and blogs as it pertains to black hair care, and one overwhelming consistency is the seeming break-dance battle that ensues between those who wear their hair natural and those whose hair is relaxed.

Am i the only one that feels like every time you see one of your friends or your peers raving about how much healthier it is to be natural, the thought crosses your mind to “try it out” too?

I’d be lying if I said I haven’t wondered what it is like for it to start raining and not be concerned with messing up my fresh perm because my hair is already kinky. The freedom in knowing that rain water is no longer kryptonite, I could walk to my car in a calm collected, albeit wet, manner…the thought intrigues me.

I’ve been people free for quite a while, but every now and again little twinges of peer pressure pop up causing me to entertain the idea of “going natural.”

But finally, I’ve come to this firm conclusion and I feel the need to shout it from the mountain top because I’m tired of feeling swayed onto a bandwagon that I NEVER wanted to join.

Public Service Announcement: I’m NEVER going natural! Me wearing my REAL hair in relaxed styles will be as natural as it gets. For me, it is NOT NATURAL for my hair to appear as though it’s all over my head, because it’s not laying in place. Not saying that women whose hair is natural look unkempt(so don’t get it twisted) BUT FOR ME, the world is off its axis if my follicles aren’t in the place I assign them and they only tend to stay seated when a perm has laid it down.

Now, I could “train” my hair to do what I say, but relaxing it into submission is much for efficient. I could be the only one that feels this way, and that’s cool, you do you, and I’ll be over here doing me smoothly gliding the comb thru my hair. I’m honestly quite unapologetic about it.

If you want to see me natural catch me on a day fresh out the salon, better yet catch me when I’m walking into the salon because that’s when my hair is at its rawest. Usually, it’s neatly tossed all over my head unless I’m in an “upkeep” type of mood then maybe I’ll put on a hat. Outside of that before-and-after scene, that’s going to be as rugged as my hair gets.

Nobody has actually tried me in this endeavor (which is good because it’d be a lost cause) but I’m just tired of hearing the discussion in general. Until a woman goes into the doctor and is diagnosed with a head/scalp/brain disorder that was directly caused by her getting perms for 20+ years of her life…I think everybody needs to shut up about it. Why other people’s hair is at the forefront of anybody’s conversation(short of it being your profession) is beyond me.

ONE LAST THING: As hard as I’ve tried to “hold my Mule” about Gabby Douglas I MUST say this: For someone to comment on a champion’s hair being a mess when she’s out claiming a championship, that’s passed ignorant. But what’s crazy more? I’d bet my bottom dollar that those making comments about her are the same ones who have horse hair weaved all down their backs.  I mean when I really took a good look at Gabby’s hair(because I was too busy being excited that the black girl was the best thing smoking at the Olympics) I realized that all of the hair attached to her head is HERS! How can you hate, when no matter how it looks, every last strand grew from her scalp! Additionally, who turns somersaults and high-flies from uneven bars with freshly pressed hair? Is the girl going on a date?! Please #GetALife and sit down somewhere!


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