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Pretty Hands is Baaack!

Fresh Manicure Left hand

Fresh manicure-Gel polish by Gellish

Pretty hands is what I become after a fresh manicure. Every time I get my nails done I just feel instantly invigorated to write. Also, every trip to the nail shop always leaves me with something to discuss…
A few questions/thoughts:
1) Why do some nail techs stand over others while they’re working? I understand training or admiring their work but doesn’t that get on their nerves? #BackUp!

2)Am I the only one that’s noticed an influx of latina nail technicians in the salon? I mean upon first glance one might not notice the difference. This could just be a CT (or Tri-state) progression, but I’ve noticed an intermingling of the ethnicities here lately and it find it intriguing. Now back in my younger days, I would have been all they way turned OFF. If you weren’t a descendant of someone from Asia…you didn’t handle my toes or hands. It’s just a trust thing. Just like how I wouldn’t trust a non-African American person to do my hair, it’s the same principle here with Asians and nail maintenance, they’re the BEST. Same principle when buying weave (but that’s a whole other topic).

Today, however, it’s not an issue. I didn’t notice at first, then her speaking Spanish to another girl tipped me off. I WILL say in that regard, I really don’t mind the difference because I can low-key understand Spanish. If they were saying I had feet like a baboon the likelihood of me being able to translate it has increased.

Just a trend I’ve noticed, was wondering if anyone else caught that.

3) Why are they always asking 20,000 questions about  why you’re there?  “Are you going out?”, “You working tonight?” “You got a hot date?” etc. NO! I’m just tired of my hands/cuticles looking raggedy is that so much to ask? Do I always have to take the “personal question” survey every time I come in this piece, because if it’s going to be all of that I’ll just stay home. I understand they’re trying to have small talk, but there’s no need for talking. Unless you want to tell me a funny story, we’re not girlfriends yet so if I had a hot date, that would fall under the “none of your business” category.

4) How old is TOO YOUNG for a Mani-Pedi? As my trip to the nail shop drew to a close a woman walks in with her  young daughter and they’re both getting pedicures. Now, this struck me as odd because the child appeared to be no older than 5-years-old. Come to find out I was right, the little girl was 3-years-old. (One of the techs asked the mom her age…which tells me she was wondering the same thing.)

Now, see I find this crazy because I didn’t even know nail shops existed before the 7th grade which was my first time getting my nails done(so approximately 13-14 years old)… I guess we were just old skool like that. However I KNOW I’m not the only 1 that is mildly taken aback when children still wearing pull-ups walk into a nail shop for SERVICE!

  • I feel the same way about seeing a 7-year-old with an iPhone. I didn’t get my first cell phone until I was a sophomore in high school(age: 16). That was back before they started making phones with color screens…forget about a touchscreen.
  • My point: it just seems a wee bit early to be getting a little girl mani-pedis.  Until she can read herself bedtime stories or at least count to 25(the customary cost for a pedicure nowadays) I think she should stick to coloring.  Whatever happened to taking little kids out for ice cream? I suppose that’s played out now.

But those are my latest nail shop observations. All in all, I’m glad I finally was able to get my nails painted and actually make it out of the shop and the rest of the day smudge free.

Hands look so good now all they need is a ring on it.

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