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*Peep The Scene* Prayer Group At Starbucks

One of the benefits to changing locations while writing are some of the interesting things I may see while i’m out. Today’s sighting was so beautiful to me I just had to share.


So, I’m in Starbucks just typing away and I notice the following. At the same time as noticing this my iTunes play list is playing “No Greater Love” By Fred Hammond. How Fitting.


Man, what I wouldn’t give to have a little prayer circle like that again(similar to what I had in college with my home church). Shoot, at this stage in the game i’d settle for ONE person to touch and agree with me, in person and not be afraid to bust out praying in the middle of Starbucks. Now this group wasn’t very loud, in fact nobody else even seemed to notice what they were doing, but still.

I hope whatever they were praying for comes to pass, In Jesus name Amen!

Fred Hammond- “No Greater Love”

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