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Summer Reading…*Update*

So, i’ve gotten through 3 and a half chapters of “Diary of a Mad Fat Girl” andĀ  I’m not really feeling it.

I put it down and it’s looking bleak that I’ll be picking it up again. The Protaganist “Ace” is mildly getting on my nerves as she comes across as the rude-complainer type and I don’t feel like reading the thoughts of a whiner. #ImJustSayin Reading to me is like shopping, I know what I want, I don’t need to stroll through 180-pages to see if there’s anything I like, it usually just jumps off the rack into my hands.

So moving right along, I haven’t decided which one I’m going to attempt to sink my teeth into next..perhaps “Writers Block.”

Now that I think of it, while I’m swimming through these books there are about 3 books in my house that I own that I need to start combing through as well. I’m going to have a very stimulated mind. #ILoveIt


For a refresher on the background of my Summer ReadingĀ  journey refer back here.

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