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They’re Baaack!–The Braxton’s that is

I am SO AMPED that the Braxtons will be back next week(Aug. 16)… It really doesn’t make any sense, you’d think it was my family or something.

See, I’ve recently had to take a little hiatus from watching reality shows due to the overwhelming abundance of Tom-Foolery that ensued on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. I mean the first installment was good but them fools in ATL took it to a whole NEW level (and NOT in a good way).
Besides the fact LHHATL is a mess, it’s so clearly scripted and orchestrated I just had to call it quits. I mean I’m literally over here talking to the TV(and Twitter) like: “So, Y’all NOT even going to try to make this look real, we just threw in the towel on trying to convince the audience that these scenes “really” happened in real life? Just no effort huh? Okay cool, go on ahead and ring me up, because I’m cashing out! I’m NOT going to be able to do it.

From there, I’ve concluded if it’s a show that’s based on or centered around a family(Like the Kardashians) then we can make that work.

Why I ADORE the Braxtons is because they are genuinely funny, and remind me of my own crazy family(only we not swimming in money..yet) Like the lunch scenes and dinner scenes might be a little “set-up” but the conversations, reactions, and punchlines compliments of Tamar are all genuine…or is that they’re genuinely funny!
It took me a minute because I didn’t dig the first season like i did the most recent ones but now i’m ALL IN.

Check out the Preview below and be sure to Tune In:

Note: I am in no way affiliated with WeTv or TheBraxtons, NOR am I being compensated for the shout out and the driving of traffic to the WeTV  website/YouTube page. So WeTV and BFV producers- #YoureWelcome

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