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*Cryin’ Laughin’* Y’all Have GOT TO SEE THIS” Awkward Black Girl


Much like how I felt about that new Campbell’s Chunky Soup I discovered, I just had to share this with the masses as well.

Yet again, my favorite website/blog ( has come through putting me up on more sheer brilliance. I’ve heard of “Awkward Black Girl” and seen it mentioned before on other sites but I never really took the type to go to the website, click on any of the links and actually watch the show. Well, actually, I didn’t even know it was a show.

So, today I finally checked it out and I kid you not the first 5 episodes had me literally laughing out loud. While, I don’t really relate because I’ve never considered myself an “awkward black girl,” the situations are still hilarious and some of the “awkward” questions do make a lot of sense. For Example, If you walk past someone in the hallway more than one time during the work day, am I supposed to keep saying hello every time  we cross paths? Didn’t we already establish the greeting? Now, I have to keep thinking up things to say every time we see each other, that’s doing entirely too much?!?! This issue is explored in episode “The Hallway.” I would have to say “The Stapler” was one of the funnier episodes; but the first episode, where she writes the rap song about her Ex breaking up with her? I was too thru with the lyricism LOL. How she repeated the line for catchy-ness effect (I see what she did there) #priceless…

It’s really genius and creative and quite witty. Me giving my overview and notes on each episode would really take too long to write and even longer to read. Just check it out, I’ve provided a sample below. But everybody should really catch the entire 2 seasons.

Check These Out:

Episode 1- The Stop Sign

Episode 3 – The Hallway

Episode 6- The Stapler


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