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RubberNecks R Us

The scene: I was riding up to a nearby Ikea with my girl, when we drove up on a traffic incident just as smoke began billowing. I, rather instinctively, grabbed my phone to capture the scene in the few seconds I could catch while we sped by.

While what was happening wasn’t funny, my soundbite did give me a brief chuckle. Watch:

A few takeaways

  • I was mildly nervous for an explosion but the incident was ultimately resolved (as the fire was put out when we passed back by 45 mins later).
  • Rubbernecking is a VERY REAL thing, because I whipped my head around too tough trying to see what was happening long after we passed. The key to successful rubbernecking is: if you’re driving, don’t try to watch what’s happening; have the passenger do all of the reporting then you get the scoop when you’re not driving anymore.

If anything, I would hope that if you come across a car on fire on the side of the road, you would call the police while speeding up so as to escape the possible explosion. #Message


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