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*Awkward! Baby Likes Sistahs *Laundromat tales*

Everytime I go to the Laundromat this song plays in my head.
A funny thing while at the Laundromat.

So while I’m sitting in this waiting area at the laudromat, this little baby, can’t be any older than 2 years old, comes running up to me and just stops and stares while I scroll through twitter. He is enamored with me.
Now, anybody that knows me knows that I’m not a baby/kid person. So after the customary-cute “Hi!” I’ve got nothing else for the kid.
Now this little boy was a Cutie (he was like a cuter version of Mason Disik-Kourtney Kardashian’s son), but in no way was I associated with the party he came with, so where most people would start tickling and playing with baby-bop, I thought it wiser to play my position because these folks don’t know me. Plus again, I had no real interest in playing with the child.

So, when it’s clear the child won’t just run off by himself. I stop what I’m doing and just look(smiling) at him. He just stood there took a few glances at my chest(he could’ve been hungry, but in that regard playboy was most certainly fresh outta luck with me) then he looked at my knee (which he was eye level with) then touches my knee then runs off.
A moment later he returns and proceeds to stare again. Again, I’m not touching or playing with the whipper – snapper so I just look at him looking at me. After a few more “Hi!”s with no indication of what he wanted from me, ¬†we proceeded to have a staring contest. As I mentioned the kid was cute so it wasn’t a chore, I was just trying to figure what to do without being overtly rude and brushing young buck off to the side.
Eventually his mom instructed an older sibling to swoop in and get him; Which begs the question, why did it take you 20 minutes to come get your child? Moreover, Was I wrong? I mean I literally didn’t do anything but is the customary reaction to be all goo-goo-ga-ga?

Well that’s not something I would do, especially not with non-relative child. I’m not as anti-kids as I was a few years ago but I’m still not trying to play with them. Unless you’re my new baby niece whom I haven’t met yet–which, this little boy wasn’t.

Something I did conclude though? I was probably the first black woman he’s ever gotten this close too. He’s probably going to like “Sistahs” when he gets older. Glad, I could be his introduction and glad to see he’s going to have GREAT taste.

Just another adventure in LaurenLand.

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