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Heavy Rotation * Wale~Fantasia -> BAD~Without Me

fantasia without meHWaleey, “Bad, Without Me” could actually be its own song title (which I sure already is somewhere)…

I haven’t done a heavy rotation in a while, and these two songs happened to creep into my playlist by pure happenstance that I turned on the radio for the first time in weeks.

Wale’s song was so…catchy and thought-provoking I made a whole video about it, with my hair looking real good and crazy (I went swimming two days in a row, don’t judge me) which I never do.¬†Towards the end I mentioned how this song “Bad” featuring Tiara Thomas along with Fantasia’s “Without Me” has been on “heavy rotation” and thus a blog post was born.

Editor’s Note: This video is now deleted.



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