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Summer Reading…Having A Blast *SURVIVOR: Literature Edition*

I did something different in an intellectually stimulating way today, I checked out 3 new library books at the same time.  In an interesting twist on a customary trip to the library, I wander over to the new fiction area and find myself strangely drawn to 3 drastically different books. This is “different” for me because the only books I usually feel compelled to read are African American Christian Fiction stories. The plot twist here is that none of the books I left with fall under this category,  and moreover none are even written by a black author.

Usually I need to be gripped right from the first page because the summary doesn’t always do the story justice. In this instance I can’t say  these three gripped me but each title had something in it that was alluring.
1) “Writer’s Block” By Julian Padowicz

This one got me off of the title, because on occasion I can relate. Additionally, reading a fictional tale of someone dealing with something I can relate to while also weaving in an intriguing storyline is more than intriguing…However if it moves to slow and I feel compelled to put it down, no dice. So, we sahll see.

2) “November Hunt” By Jess Lourey

The initial draw here was my favorite month of the year but apparently this writer has a murder mystery series assigned for every month. Mysteries usually take me a minute to get into, then after a while I get pissed off with all of the suspense because my eyes don’t read fast enough to hurry and get to it. BUT this story /writing is also supposed to be sprinkled with some humor…it’s actually supposed to be funny. Now I’m not going to lie, Everybody’s humor isn’t funny. In fact usually if a book reviewer uses the word “humor” I know that means, I won’t so much as get a giggle out of this. Some folk think Adam Sandler movies are sidesplitting and Mike Epps is the funniest comedian alive. (Which they would be WRONG on ALL accounts in that thought process). HOWEVER one exchange in the opening lines about how cold it was drew a pretty hearty chuckle out of me so away we went.
3) “Diary of a Mad Fat Girl” By Stefanie McAfee

This one got me solely off the title. I don’t know why but give me a diary/ journal narrated book and i’m reading it ever time. This one is supposed to be humorous too. I read a few pages and while i haven’t found the joke yet, I can appreciate the authentic voice of the narrative (it actually reads like someone’s diary). So, it’s worth a try.


And so begins my summer reading. It’s mostly a leap because 3 books? At the same damn time? Scandalous! That’s like watching 3 TV shows or 3 movies at the same time thank God for that flashback button.

This will unfold like a reality show, let’s see which story commands most of my attention for the longest period of time. The rating goes like this:

Excellent books- I literally cannot put them down, they travel with me everywhere, I finish them in 4 days at the most and upon completion I want to throw it across the room.

Decent books- are good enough to keep me engaged while reading but it’s not hard to put down.

Womp-Womp books- I read 3 chapters, set it down and haven’t picked it up again 6 months later.

We’ll make this a “Survivor”-esque game  and see…who will be the last one on the island?

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