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*NEW SERIES* L’s DateTales


As promised in my last post, Lauren Michele Live is coming. Today, I am super-excited to bring to you guys the first episode of my new series L’s DateTales.

There’s a  brief intro at the beginning of the episode but since it’s only on the screen for like 5 seconds I’ve provided some details below.

As a late twenty-something woman who attended college in a very thriving metro filled with pretty people (Beautiful people if you went to school where I did), I’ve been on my share of “dates.” The Dating Game was nothing new to me, after my psychology professor, Dr. Bell told us we should “date around” when we’re young(studies said this or something) I was downright a seasoned pro at getting a free meal.

Then came the move… Nothing quite prepared me for the UNADULTERATED TOMFOOLERY I would encounter once I left Atlanta and moved “up north.”

These are those stories.  “DateTales.”


The Company You Keep *Epiphany*

I’ve been thinking a lot about the company I keep and my thoughts brought me to this point where I’m cleansing my life of the tom foolery I’ve been entertaining from men folk. Below is part 1 of my series listing the things I can’t stand that I’m putting a stop too. Chief among them, is giving out my phone number and responding to nonsensical people talking about nonsensical things.


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