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L’s DateTales Ep. 4 | Football FairyTales 2| #WhyYouLying


“Why are you lying, sir?” Is the theme of this rousing conclusion to my encounter with an alleged Defensive Tackle on the San Diego Chargers. After I investigate this claim I pose a question to everyone, because I really was unaware. #WhereTheyDoThatAt

Opening Title: Quick Recap of where I left off…

Be sure to check out the song I included in the credits…my first time hearing it was out in LA and it GOES!



*Series* L’s DateTales Episode 3: Football Fairytales

LA ThingsI’m back with a little treat for everyone’s holiday break! This episode takes us on the journey of an interesting encounter while on a trip earlier this month. In this “tale” we’ll briefly discuss what it means to “get chose.” Not that this happened or anything. Enjoy!

Opening Slate:

The original title for episode 3  was “BAD COMPANY” but that idea was overridden by a birthday trip to Los Angeles that spawned an encounter so incredulous, It had to be taped immediately! …These are my DateTales

Scrolling Definition(s):



*NEW SERIES* L’s DateTales


As promised in my last post, Lauren Michele Live is coming. Today, I am super-excited to bring to you guys the first episode of my new series L’s DateTales.

There’s a  brief intro at the beginning of the episode but since it’s only on the screen for like 5 seconds I’ve provided some details below.

As a late twenty-something woman who attended college in a very thriving metro filled with pretty people (Beautiful people if you went to school where I did), I’ve been on my share of “dates.” The Dating Game was nothing new to me, after my psychology professor, Dr. Bell told us we should “date around” when we’re young(studies said this or something) I was downright a seasoned pro at getting a free meal.

Then came the move… Nothing quite prepared me for the UNADULTERATED TOMFOOLERY I would encounter once I left Atlanta and moved “up north.”

These are those stories.  “DateTales.”


Last Single Gal Standing?

Adj.1. Felt or undergone as if one were taking part in the experience or feelings of another

This is the word of the day or perhaps the season as a few unrelated members of The Council (my inner circle of BEST friends) stated how they were living through me. Not that my life is super fantastic (although it’s pretty great) it’s mostly as a result of my suddenly interesting dating life. Now most of my council members are all damn near married so we would think that I would be trying to live through them.

I’m too tired to go into the whole inner-workings of my recent popularity BUT I can at least say the following:

It almost feels like I’m on a dramedy in a low-key love triangle type thing…except the only L-words folk should be using at this stage should be “LAUREN”…

Also, the situation up here is LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than Connecticut. Apparently, the one council member who’s remedy to my tales of tom-foolery was “You just need to move!” was sage advice.

More tales to come…but I find the recent use of this delightful vocabulary word…quite noteworthy.

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